Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our users extremely seriously. We’ll explain what information we acquire from you, how we gather that information, and how we utilize it in our privacy policy. Our objective is to be completely honest with our users.

We refer to our website as “our website,” “the website,” “,” “,” and cbdnewsheadlines, among other words, throughout this privacy policy. These terms are interchangeable and apply to both our website,, and our company, cbdnewsheadlines.

During your visit to, we will collect certain information about you. cbdnewsheadlines, like other commercial websites, make use of a basic internet technology known as “cookies.” On our own website, cookies are used to track user activity. We also gather information about how our site is utilized using server logs. Pages visited, time spent exploring certain pages, time spent on our site overall, and the webpages and websites are seen shortly after or just before visiting are all examples of information we collect through cookies and user logs. Your IP address may also be collected.

How We Use Cookies

CBDNewsHeadlines utilizes cookies in the same way that any other commercial website does. A cookie is a tiny text file with an anonymous but distinct identification. That identity is unique to you, but it is unrelated to your personal data. When you visit a website such as ours, your computer will be asked for permission to store this file on a section of your hard drive reserved for cookies. Today, if you go to this folder on your computer, you should notice hundreds of cookies from all of the websites you frequent. Your browser receives a cookie from each webpage (assuming your browser preferences allow it). To safeguard your privacy, your browser only allows a website – such as ours – to access cookies that it has previously supplied to you. Cookies supplied to you by other websites cannot be accessed by websites, including our website.

How We Use IP Addresses

An IP address is a numerical identifier for your computer on a network, such as an internet or a private network. Our web server collects IP addresses as part of routine traffic statistics collecting, which also includes demographic and profiles information. We were able to send data – such as data from our own website – to your browser by capturing your IP address. This action gives you access to our content.

How We Use Email Information

We don’t collect your email address by default, and we don’t have any method of getting it from a single website visit. If you choose to contact us by email, we may keep copies of the content of your emails as well as the email address from which you sent them. Electronic communications are subject to the same safeguards as internet, postal, and telephone conversations. This level of privacy applies whether you register for our website, send us an email, sign up using your email address on any of our forms, make a purchase, or otherwise provide us with your email address. Our email policies are detailed below.

How We Use the Information You Provide to Us

CBDNewsHeadlines keeps track of your personal information in order to run our business. Your personal data is collected to improve customer service and the user experience. We also use your personal information to provide offers from third-party sponsors to our visitors.

When you visit our site, CBDNewsHeadlines may collect personally identifying information about you if you want to offer it to us. If you choose to supply us with such information, we will only share it with third parties with your permission.

When we are legally required to do so, we may share information. We may share information if we think, in good faith, that the law demands it or if we need to disclose information to preserve our legal rights. We will make every effort to notify the user if this occurs, but we cannot guarantee it was owing to the variety of law enforcement scenarios.

Email Policies

We promise to keep your email address confidential. We do not collect and sell email addresses, nor do we sell individual email addresses to other parties. We will never sell your email address or personal information to anyone else, including other people, organizations, government agencies, or businesses. The only time we deviate from this rule is when we are legally required to do so.

We may occasionally encourage you to join in CBDNewsHeadlines or other third-party sponsored companies’ campaigns and offers. It is always voluntary to participate in such programs and offers.

All email information, including your email address and the contents of communications, is kept in line with relevant federal legislation.

Use of External Links

Many more websites are linked from our website, We cannot guarantee the veracity of any linked site’s information, nor can we speak for their data privacy practices. You must read and accept the privacy policies and other terms and conditions of the external websites you visit through CBDNewsHeadlines.

We try to link only to high-quality providers who follow our rigorous legal rules wherever feasible. However, we cannot be responsible for the actions of other parties. Any external connection to a site not owned or managed by CBDNewsHeadlines or any of its employees does not imply that CBDNewsHeadlines or any of its employees approve of the nature of these websites, the products or services they offer, or their legal policies.

By using, you agree to be governed by the website’s Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as all relevant laws and regulations, and you acknowledge that you are responsible for adhering to all applicable local laws. All of the materials on this website are protected by copyright and trademark laws. If you disagree with any of these conditions, you are not authorized to use this website.

Children’s Information

Another of our top priorities is to provide extra safety for youngsters when they use the internet. We encourage parents and guardians to closely watch, engage in, and/or manage their children’s online activities. does not intentionally collect personally identifiable information from minors under the age of thirteen. Assume you believe your child has disclosed this type of information on our website. In that situation, we highly urge you to notify us right away, and we will do everything we can to expeditiously erase such information from our databases.

How We Protect Your Information

This website takes data security very seriously. We take measures to minimize unauthorized access to user information, preserve user privacy, and keep user data out of the hands of unauthorized third parties wherever feasible.

Email is not considered a safe method of communication. As a result, we ask that you do not give us any confidential information by email. You may give us confidential information through email, but you do so at your own risk. Any information input on our website may be communicated securely via the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL protocol. Credit card numbers and other sensitive information are never sent through email.

We may utilize software programs to compile summary statistics based on the number of visitors who visit our site and their actions while there. These summaries are intended to improve the user experience and advise us on the best course of action. We utilize the summaries to figure out which data is most and least interesting, set technical design standards, and pinpoint system performance or issue areas.

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